Pro Test 180 feeling because it took me six months to even acknowledge that I mr limpy now I mean that I really took me that long you know people come up to me and Pro Test 180 y would be like how are you mr limpy it's like ma'am I'm Dexter you know his head so it took forever for me to accept that name and a title so to actually win and be on stage and just everything came out all Pro Test 180   dreams and that everything that you can imagine that you went through in life you know all Pro Test 180   sleeping on Pro Test 180   floors and and all that stuff I put my family through all that stuff came out on stage that demons when Pro Test 180 ir titles like I want his title that's what I sacrificed you know to get here and Pro Test 180 n he reinvented himself in  when he walked out it was like wow I can't really fear any of that I can't fear losing because I've already lost Pro Test 180   title and when it back and I was Pro Test

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